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Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher is used for crushing semi-rigid material or small particle size material.

Impact Crusher product map
Impact Crusher on-site operating plans


The impact crusher is widely used for secondary crushing. It has become an ideal equipment to make aggregate for highway, high-speed railway, airport and hydroelectric project.

This kind of crusher can deal with ores and rocks with sizes below 350 mm and fracture strength within 350MPa. There are three types which are used in fields of mining, cement making and concrete making respectively. The rotor and the chambers can be customized.


It comprises the rotor, plates, impact plates, the frame, etc. The rotor is fixed on the main shaft on which four/several are fixed on it. The plates are made from heavy-duty high manganese steel or alloy steel.

Working principle:

During operation, the rotor driven by the motor performs high-speed rotation. The plates installed on the rotor collide with the material. Afterwards the material will be thrown onto the impact plate for secondary crushing. The material will be crushed in different chambers with sequence until the size of the crushed material reaches required sizes. The finished products will be discharged through the discharge opening.


1.With large feed opening and deep crushing chamber, it can deal with materials with high hardness and big size, but produces less powder.

2.Products in various sizes can be obtained by adjusting the distance between plate and the rotor

3.Compact structure, newly-designed impact plate welded on the rotor with high inertial force

4.By adjusting the distance between plates, products in various sizes and fine shape can be obtained.

5.Non-key connection: easy to operate and cost-effective

6.Wide range of applications.

7.High productivity and overall efficiency

8.Durable and heavy-duty plates.

technical parameters:

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